Adelphi Votes


    Unite with the Adelphi Community to increase voter participation.

    Adelphi University is committed to provide students and staff the opportunity to register to vote.  Voter registration and absentee ballot applications are available for all 50 states (see state deadlines and details).  For information, contact the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, Nexus Building, Room 307, or email

    Our Goal

    adelphi-votes-logoThe Adelphi Votes goal is to assist its students and staff with voter registration and absentee ballot applications. As a non-partisan coalition of students, faculty, and staff, Adelphi Votes collaborates with the Nassau County Board of Elections and the League of Women Voters to provide information and:

    We believe that once you become informed about the issues at stake in any upcoming election and the impact on your future, you will exercise your right to vote.

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